Sep 14

A Gem

I normally take Metro to work. Yes, it still sucks. Yesterday, I found myself in the rare commute by car and I listened to Katy on the way in and Lee on the way home. It was truly wonderful. The ability to tune into bluegrass and acoustic music on the radio during drive time in a major American city is utterly unique.

I just want to thank everyone for pulling hard to save the station. It really is a gem.




    • David Whitaker on September 16, 2016 at 12:08 pm
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    In 2015, I began working in Frederick, Maryland again after an absence of over a decade & a half. In the first week I discovered Bluegrass Country and I had found an old and cherished friend on 93.5PM. Hearing Katy Dailey in the morning or Gary Henderson, Al Steiner, Lee Michael, Lisa Kay, Bill Foster and others program the music I have been playing since high school 45 years ago is beyond special to me. … Puts a smile on my face and in my heart to hear this programming which has been part of the Frederick culture since the 1960’s. … I also appreciate the Old Timey and related Americana programming and I have even caught myself chuckling to an occasional Mike Kerr joke from that down under Bluegrass Mecca. … My main point is that I want to hear this musical conversation continue and have other people inspired as I am to break out my picks and metronome the minute I walk in my door to work out a musical concept or set of licks that I had heard on Bluegrass Country. …. I am certain that Jerry Gray and Ray Davis are smiling at your effort to keep Washington Bluegrass alive for future generations to hear.

    David Whitaker
    Catonsville, MD

    1. Thanks David

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