The primary goal of The New Bluegrass Country Foundation is to ensure that Bluegrass Country (“BGC”)  continues on be the premier source of the highest quality of bluegrass and related roots music and can continue to operate as a non-profit, public radio service available over-the-air in the Washington DC area and throughout the US and internationally by the internet radio broadcasting .

To achieve goal, the Bluegrass Country Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3)  corporation formed to coordinate a number of fund raising activities aimed at perpetuating a financially secure future for bluegrass radio in the Washington, DC area.

The New Bluegrass Country Foundation is registered in the State of Delaware at:

300 Delaware Avenue

Wilmington, De 19801


The local address is:

Bluegrass Country Foundation

4401A Box 137 Connecticut Avenue NW

Washington,  DC 20008


    • Larry Moore on December 15, 2016 at 11:29 pm
    • Reply

    Will you be returning the Bluegrass Music back to the Western Maryland area soon.
    It was the best station that I have found here in the Western Maryland area.

    1. Larry – currently we’re focusing on the continuity of the broadcast in the DC area. WAMU sold the translators serving western Maryland and we don’t have the funds to lease another. For the immediate future, the best solution will be to use the Internet streaming on your phone or your computer. Let me know if you need assistance setting this up.

      In my case, I just use my phone in my car connected to my radio, which gives me nationwide coverage.


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