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Recently announced on air by WAMU’s Bluegrass Country and at bluegrasscountry.org/news

UPDATE (4pm December 8, 2016)  WAMU Management and members of the Bluegrass Country Foundation Board of Directors have been working diligently on ways to make the transfer of programming work. Initially, the deadline was January 1, 2017. Once we started working on the engineering, programming and legal details, we quickly realized it would be almost impossible to meet that January 1 deadline.

This afternoon, Jeff Ludin of the Bluegrass Country Foundation and members of WAMU Management held a teleconference and agreed to set a new deadline of Monday, February 6, 2017 so all the necessary details can be ironed out. Hopefully, we can then realize the transfer of programming. Until then, programming on WAMU’s Bluegrass Country will continue. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Keep your fingers crossed as we continue to work on your behalf. — Katy Daley, Program Director and Morning Host, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country

Message from the President

Because of the new start date, the Bluegrass Country Foundation is now in a position to assume operations of WAMU with significantly less risk.  We have presented an operating plan that addresses the concerns of WAMU management and are confident that if we meet our expected funding levels we will be able to keep broadcasting in the Washington DC area.

Still, more work needs to be done.  The most important items outstanding are:

  1. Raising additional funds to ensure that we can maintain programming at the current level.  If we had another $50,000 prior to December 31, 2016, we will minimize the risk that funds will not be available to continue broadcasting throughout the year.
  2. We need to complete the review of the formal the agreement with WAMU
  3. We must complete negotiations with the owner of the 105.5 FM translator which is needed to continue broadcasting an analog FM.  (HD Channel 2 and Internet streaming are not affected by this open item).

What can I do?

Please send me an email with the following:

  1. List all the methods you listen to Bluegrass Country in order of preference (e.g., 105.5 FM, 88.5 FM HD, Internet Streaming – include web app or page used for access.\
  2. List the places you listen to Bluegrass Country (e.g., car, home, work).  Please include the amount of listening time (in hours per week).
  3. Let me know if your are or if you would be willing to be a sustaining member of Bluegrass Country.

Thanks for you support.

Jeffrey Ludin
Bluegrass Country Foundation



We are friends of WAMU’s Bluegrass Country

The Bluegrass Country Foundation is an independent, private foundation formed to support WAMU’s Bluegrass Country.  We are composed of volunteers drawn from the Washington, DC area bluegrass community. Our members includes industry professionals, listeners, musicians, and other bluegrass enthusiasts.

We are well organized and while we are actively preparing business plans with hopes of assuming ownership of Bluegrass Country, it is possible that another entity may be selected to operate Bluegrass Country.

In the event the Bluegrass Country Foundation is not the successful bidder for the station, the foundation will remain in existence and continue its support for bluegrass radio for as long as possible.

If you have any questions or are interested in more information, please contact Jeff Ludin at jludin@BluegrassCountryFoundation.org


Help the Bluegrass Country Foundation Keep the Music Playing!


We are accepting tax exempt donations to support the continued operations of bluegrass radio in the Washington, DC area.

We have partnered with the DC Bluegrass Union, who will accept donations by credit card or Pay Pal to keep Bluegrass Country on the air. You can still donate by check directly to the Bluegrass Country Foundation.

If you have any questions contact Jeff Ludin, 703.915.3533.

Thanks for your support

To show our appreciation for your generous support, our partners are offering the following premiums

For a donation of $2,500

Choose 1

2 VIP tickets to the 2017 Grey Fox bluegrass festival. Backstage passes and food.
2 VIP tickets to the 2017 DC Bluegrass Festival, includes food and front-row seating
2 VIP tickets to the 2017 Charm City Bluegrass Festival

For a donation of $1500

Chose 1

2 tickets to the 2017 DC Bluegrass Festival,
2 Tickets to the 2017 Charm City Bluegrass Festival

For a donation of $25

Entered into a drawing to win 2 free tickets to a Lucketts Bluegrass concert
Donate by Check

Join the Conversation!

We want to hear from the bluegrass community, whether in DC, around the country, or anywhere in the world. You can leave comments on the bottom of the page or send an email to mailto:Post@BluegrassCountryFoundation.org

Select Link to Bluegrass BLOG to view comments from other bluegrass enthusiasts.

interest in bluegrass music!


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  1. Ron Elliott

    Would there be some possibility that BGC and WMRA in the home of Bluegrass in the Shenandoah Valley could work toward some partnership?? If so, someone from the Foundation could contact Al Bartholet, the WMRA Exec Dir.

  2. carroll swam

    If someone organizes a concert to benefit Bluegrass Country our band “Bluestone” would be interested in playing. We applaud your efforts to promote this worthwhile station and would like to help.

    1. admin

      Thanks Carroll. I’ll pass this on the Fund raising team that’s organizing the benefit concert.

  3. Dan Claire

    Thank you for your efforts. Our family would be heartbroken to lose Bluegrass Country, especially Americana Breakdown and the Trail Ride with Texas Fred “Yeah you’re right” Carter.

  4. Roger G. Cotner

    I cannot adequately express my appreciation for your group’s stepping up and submitting the application to keep Bluegrass Country on the air! I stream it here in Michigan at least three times a week (love the Trail Ride!). I will make a contribution to your Foundation online and will commit to an annual contribution to help keep this good thing going. Thank you!

  5. John S

    I am moving back to the DC area after having been gone for nearly 30 years. When I left, WAMU was still airing Jerry Gray’s bluegrass show, not coincidently called “Bluegrass Country” in drive time. WAMU’s internet version of Bluegrass Country has kept me connected to my DC Bluegrass roots. Frightening to think it’s so close to disappearing for good! Best of luck in your efforts!

  6. Rob Nijman

    I am a bluegrass aficionado in the Netherlands, Europe, and I am happy to donate in support of your bid for WAMU, which is easily my favorite radio station on the internet. Keep on streaming that great music to the Netherlands.

  7. Jochen Janssen

    Hello there, how did your meeting with WAMU go (on November 7)? Is there still hope? That would be a tremendous highlight for me (at least one today…)
    Kind regards, Jochen (a huge BC fan from Switzerland)

    1. admin

      It went well. I’ll be sending an update shortly.

      Jeff Ludin

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Would you like to volunteer?

Currently, The New Bluegrass Country Foundation is preparing its proposal to assume ownership WAMU’s Bluegrass Country radio station.  If you have some spare time, are interested bluegrass radio broadcasting, and want to participate in this exciting endeavor contact Jeff Ludin at jludin@BluegrassCountryFoundation.org Link to Current positions

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